My work explores the light, line, and texture of both inner and outer landscapes. It gives form to impressions and memories I have of people and places - near and far, past and present - that continue to inform my way of being.

I create two- and three-dimensional abstract works that unfold through a quiet, responsive dance with materials. The solitude and silence of my studio is reflected in work that expresses ideas distilled to their essence, devoid of decorative, superfluous elements.

I employ a variety of techniques and materials. I sew, draw, print, sculpt, and paint, and capture moments with my camera. I make marks with thread and perforations as well as with pencil, ink, and paint. I use gloss and matte surfaces, color, embossing, layering, and the raw and torn edges of fabric and paper to define space and form.  I use real and implied references to warp and weft, stitching, quilting, weaving, and mending as metaphors for connecting the past with the present.