Karen Anne Glick is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

A nomad since birth, Karen Anne moved twenty-nine times before settling in her present home. The experience of moving so often allowed her to become adept at immersing herself in different cultures while simultaneously observing them as the outsider. Her work grew from these lessons in the duality of attachment and detachment.

Her facility for printmaking, photography, sculpture and drawing is evident in her body of work, but it is her skills in fiber arts, learned in childhood and honed in post graduate studies, that she references most frequently. Taught to sew at her grandmother's knee, she felt an immediate connection with the rich tradition of the stitch in women's history and was drawn to its power as metaphor in folklore.

Karen Anne lives in an historic c. 1831 home with her husband Dean, and Beyla - a beautiful  and  sweet blue merle Aussiedoodle  She maintains her studio in what used to be the attic. In addition to her creative work, Karen Anne is a Reiki master/teacher and a retired Navy officer.