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As I have matured as an artist, I’ve developed a clear focus and visual vocabulary that is sure and steady. My work has largely been defined by the use of color and pattern and “noise”, with only occasional moments of quieter, more thoughtful work. While the colorful work has been well-received and lauded, it is the quieter work that has always felt most authentic to me and consistently filled my spirit.

So… I have returned to that work. While there are moments when I still go head first into vibrant color and playful busyness (now on annakarindesign.com), creating work that is devoid of the decorative and nonessential, that is an honest, transparent expression of my past and present, is most important to me now. It is all I want to do.

I am happiest working in silence, dancing with ideas, and listening closely to the poetry of inspirations that come when I am quiet and open to whatever comes. My best work appears when I listen, respond, listen, respond, compose, edit, listen - repeating as many times as necessary to be sure a finished work has nothing more - and nothing less - that it needs to be complete.

There is a distinct joy in doing the work without any expectation that it will be seen, understood, or appreciated. But, to be honest, my heart still sings when someone says it touches them.