Turning Points


I’ve been thinking about turning points a lot lately.

I think it was working on the new website that spurred the introspection. As I went through my portfolio deciding which works would make the cut and which would not, it was clear that there were a number of times when both the work and I stopped momentarily and turned.

Each time, the turning point was a turn inward, a turn toward my heart and a turn toward a truth that I very much want to be felt in my work but that was, perhaps, getting lost.

And as important as realizing what I have turning to has been, even more helpful has been the realization of what these turns have been away from.

Got any guesses?


They’ve been turns away from what is: Easy. Popular. Commercial.

It’s not that I don’t want to be “successful”, it’s that I want success that is based on having shared my voice in a unique and personal way. A way that comes from the inside out and is not from the outside in or predicated upon thoughts of fitting in or of making money. The only successes that have ever meant anything to me have come when I knew for sure that I had done the hard work and my voice was authentically me.

I’ve never found it easy to go along with the crowd. Ever. I dig my feet in when I’m at a point where I’m feeling coerced by real or imagined outside forces.

And at points like that?

I turn.

: : Karen Anne