Have you stretched today?


One of my favorite exercises to stretch myself creatively is to change the intended use of something I come across. I'm the first to admit this one wasn't a big stretch, but I wanted to share that the exercise doesn't have to involve a lot of time or cost. What's important is giving yourself the opportunity to look around you with new eyes and allow yourself to think outside the box. 

Yesterday I went into Target to pick up a prescription, but got sidetracked just inside the front door. A plastic bag of black wire balls for three dollars plus tax? Why yes, I think I will, thank you! Do I care that they are meant to be used as Halloween decoration? Heck no! They started screaming "necklace" to my artist's brain the second I saw them.

Strung on a simple black neoprene cord, I now have the necklace of my dreams: bold, lightweight, minimalist. And I love that I can wear it long or short just by adjusting where I tie the cord. The balls are each about 2.5 inches around.


It's my favorite necklace right now. I love the lightness and all those lines - it's like wearing a drawing! 

Now: Go stretch! (And let me know what you're moved to  transform, okay? I'd love to see!)

: : Karen Anne