Sitting still and waiting...


With a ten week old puppy in the house, I don't have much time to sit still.

But last week I got out to run some errands (to buy more toys for said puppy!) and, not far from home, I got stopped by the train that periodically rumbles through our town.

As I sat there enjoying the few moments to do nothing but sit still and wait, the graffiti scrawled on the sides of the containers captured my attention.


I love the whole idea of these images that move - migrating on tracks to destinations unknown. They inspired me to use them in the studio today.

Migration Banner

Migration Banner

I'm grateful to live in a little town that has a train that gave me the chance to just sit still and wait. I'm grateful that I know how wonderful these unexpected quiet moments are to me.

Sometimes what could be seen as an irritating interruption to a busy day is a gift in disguise. The Universe knew exactly what I needed.

I'm grateful I saw it as a moment to stop and be inspired.