A love story in black and white...


My favorite muse for the past 9.5 years has been our sweet old bear of a Labradoodle, Jake. He's a funny guy, kind of dour and definitely stoic, but ready for a game of catch at the drop of a ball.

Our sweet boy has developed some severe health issues and his days will be ending much, much sooner than we could have imagined - a matter of weeks it seems rather than the years we had hoped for.

He's having a good day today and is spending a few hours with the folks and pups at daycare where he's gone nearly every week day. We started him there to ensure he was well socialized and had a place to get his wiggles out when he was a puppy, but he grew to love the routine so we continued. They love him there nearly as much as we do. Not surprising because he's always been a charmer with those dark good looks and his quiet demeanor. He seems to make everyone feel especially privileged to be in his company. He holds court as if he were the reincarnation of some distant kIng.

He makes me laugh every single day with his sideway glances and his tail that wags in fast circles when he sees me. He loves me as much as I love him  - and knowing that is pure joy.

Over the years I've drawn a few sketches of him and thought it would be a good time to share them again. Each a bit different, they do a good job of capturing his essence I think.


I especially love this last one. That's exactly the way his tail looks  with its wisps and feathers and curls . A grand posterior plume, it is the picture that will come to mind most often after he's gone around the corner and out of my view...

Gonna miss this sweet fella so much. So grateful for the time we've had together and will have for however long he can wag that ol' tail without suffering or being in pain. Not much longer, I fear.

: : Karen Anne