A Study in Black and White...


For the next several months I will be working on a new project.

It's actually a kinetic sculpture of sorts.

It moves and bounces and even emits the occasional noise.

I've come to think of it as a sort of Study in Black and White but I've given it another title.

I've titled it - or rather her - Beyla(A good Norse name!)


Beyla is my my new project - my little kinetic sculpture/study in black and white - and the most wonderful new addition to our home. A sweet little blue merle aussiedoodle (australian shepherd mom, miniature poodle dad), Beyla came to us by way of Tom and Larissa of AwesomeDoodle in Louisville, Kentucky. Beyla was born in their home and her mom, WInnie, is their family pet. They are passionate about what they do. They are open and transparent and kind. We've been able to see Beyla 24/7 from the time she was born - even her birth! - via the Puppycam Tom mounted in the room they have set up as the Puppy Room. It's been wonderful to watch her grow, tumbling around with her six litter mates. By the time we brought her home, we knew so much about her, seeing her little personality beginning to form. She was also well along in basic training and knew how to sit patiently and quietly and wait for a treat. She learned that at just 5.5 weeks old! 

She's sleeping 8 hours a night with just one trip outside around 2 am. She loves her crate and yesterday she learned "get in your bed" in a mere 10 minutes. Last week I taught her her name and "Touch". Today she's been running across the yard when I've called her name and happily pushing her little nose into my extended hand. Potty training has been easy with only a few mistakes  - always because I didn't remember to take her out after she woke up from a nap. (I train a bit slower than she does!) She's all of 8.5 weeks as of today. Did I mention that she's wicked smart??? I think of her as the sweeter, fluffier version of Luminosity. 

It will be a while until I get up to my studio again because I'm adamant about focusing on her, and working with her, the next few months that are so crucial to forming a happy, well socialized pup. But I'm hoping that when the time comes to introduce her to my studio she'll be as happy to be there as I will be to have her there!