Instagram triads...


I've taken a break from Facebook for a while because it was all getting to be too much for me. The chatter, the opinions, the commenting, the liking, the disliking, the posting, the friending, the sharing... I'd become overly involved and overly invested in all of it.

It's been about a week since I signed off, ostensibly until September but it may be longer. The quiet and peacefulness since then has been wonderful.

I'm still on Instagram and have no intention of taking a break; it calms instead of agitates me. And, really, what's not to like about slowly scrolling through images that show how others see the world and what they deem important enough to document and share? I come away feeling inspired and enriched rather than frustrated and depleted.


I often scroll through the photos I've posted, too - usually  to remember what prompted the photo, or to critique the lighting or composition. But today I was struck by how the photos often relate to each other in surprising ways and, though they are posted in sequence, the rows of three that are displayed - and therefore the groupings of three - change each time a new photo is posted. It's fascinating really... the little stories they tell  - or don't tell - as a result. This element of chance allows for some surprising synchronicity.  The triads have subtleties in  their connections, and the stories they tell simply because of their proximity haven't been planned - they just happen. Here are the triads that captured my attention today:   

Today I was left with the realization that while I think what attracts my attention on any given day is an isolated, specific event, there really are no isolated, specific events - at least not in this artist's work or way of being in the world. I may think I'm aware of all the connections I make, but, obviously, I'm not. 

That gives me immense pleasure. 

Immense, immense pleasure.