Dreams DO come true...


You know how I've been whining about wanting to run away from home? Not pretty.

Well, joy of joys, my dream has come true and my sweet husband is coming with me! I am soooo looking forward to new and different sights - even if it's just for a bit. We won't be gone long, but the point is: we're going. When our daughters were little we learned that sometimes a weekend at a hotel with a swimming pool just two miles from home can be just as refreshing - even more so, perhaps - than a trip to some exotic island far away. 

I'm bringing some basic art materials with me and can't wait for some quiet time to document my impressions each day. I don't know about you, but for me, a BIG part of running away is the pleasureof cutting the cord to social media and all things related to computer technology - I'm as excited about that prospect as I am about just going. And it will be good to have the time and space to consider future options  - both personal and professional. I know how lucky I am to have options. Not a day goes by that I'm not filled to brimming with gratitude. 

Another dream came true for me recently, too. One of my works was selected to be exhibited in Landscape: A Sense of Place at Site: Brooklyn in Brooklyn NY, 25 May - 25 June 2016. It's been a goal to have work shown in NY, so it felt really, really good to get notified on the selection.

So... as I head off to parts unknown, I will leave you with a nine patch quilt of images from my week - posted to Instagram:

Life is good.