A talisman...


The past month has been spent clearing. 

Clearing things in my parent's old apartment, things in my sister's home, things in Dad's new apartment, and things in my home. I alternate between feelings of exhilaration and despair. One moment I'm thrilled with the amount of "things" I have relieved myself of, and the next I'm feeling overwhelmed and anxious with all that is left to go through. 

The studio? I've barely had time to breeze through... and even when I am there, I look at all that I've accumulated over the years. Augh. I just want to toss the whole mess. Well, a good amount of it anyway. I sometimes wonder if "multidisciplinary artist" has just been an excuse to gather materials of every sort. Just in case. Just in case??? Really??? WHEN????

I've given a good deal of thought to my work and my materials while I've been going through all the things outside my studio. As I get the opportunity to go through things in studio, I know that my decisions on what to keep and what to toss will be based on the vision I have for the space: that it will reflect the work I've started in the last year and plan to continue in the future. Work that is:

Simple. Quiet. Gentle. Peaceful. Thoughtful. Clean. 

C  L  E  A  R  . 

Yes, I relish working in multiple mediums, but it's time to pare down the stuff. Just as I've refined my creative work, when it comes to materials, I want to eliminate the extraneous. The redundant. The stuff that is just there. Stuff that isn't there and just takes up space. Too much space. It weights me down...

The few moments I managed to spend in the studio today came only because I ran up there to try and find something. (A clear indication of having too much stuff is not knowing where it is, right?) But I got captured by a tray of beads I had left out when I was there last and I took a few minutes to string a selection  - ones that called out to be used - on a length of waxed linen. It felt really good.

I realized that this simple necklace expressed the clarity I am hopeful will fill my life this year - and which I will continue to pursue in my creative work. A talisman - to remind me of my goal: