To be clear...

Champagne Bubbles.  iPhoto 2015. Karen Anne Glick

Champagne Bubbles. iPhoto 2015. Karen Anne Glick


A new day and a new year. Last year is a flurry of images and feelings -  a few scary, some sad, but most beautiful and joyful.

It was a year that began my desire to focus more and to do away with things that had been muddling my path and tripping me up.

Over the past few weeks I've been considering what I want in 2016 and I've realized what I really, really want is to be CLEAR - in my being, my relationships, my home, and my creative work.

C  L  E  A  R

"Understandable, comprehensible, intelligible, plain, uncomplicated, explicit, lucid, coherent, simple, straightforward, unambiguous, clear-cut, transparent, translucent, unclouded. " (Synonyms for "clear" from Google.)

So, how am I going to go about embracing "clear"? 

Well, here's a start:

In an effort to be more clearly who I am and to have what I do reflect that, I'm doing away with using "blog" here. Hate that word. Always have. It sounds as harsh to me as "clear" sounds magical! I'm replacing "blog"  with "journal".

Because journaling is what I want to do here. 

When I redesigned my website last year, I made a really bad decision. I decided to write a post every Tuesday. I wanted to put myself on a schedule and I wanted everything I wrote be more, I don't know, more like what I read on "serious" blogs by "serious" artists and not like what I had written over all the years I have had a blog. (And, boy, I've had a lot of them - all still findable if you care to try!)

I cringed every time Tuesday came around and I hated the whole ordeal. It showed. The few posts I wrote were pretty flat. Dull. Muddy.

So I'm going back to doing what I - clearly - love. And that is writing when I want and whatever I want. I love to write when something has stirred my imagination or my indignation, or because I want to document new work or ideas for future work. I love to play with the words and the images and clarify what I'm thinking through them.

 If I'm absolutely honest, what I write is for me. Not anyone else. Not even you. Just me. But if you happen to drop by and read something I've written that resonates with you, or that triggers an idea for your own work, or that somehow make things clearer for you on whatever path you're on, well, that's all good! (And, truth to tell, my ego likes the attention when I receive comments or applause.. So embarrassing...)

So are we clear?

This isn't a blog any longer. It's a journal.

And I'll write it for me. (Oh, okay: and a teensy bit for my ego.)  I 'll write whenever I feel like it.  And about whatever I want - the interesting, the inspiring, the infuriating, or... maybe about my work and the studio...or... who knows?

I do so you'll still come around, though, still!  It's always nice to have company along the way, isn't it?