Little things mean a lot...


I'm finally finished with some things which, over the past six week (and more) have taken a whole heck of a lot of my attention and energy. Slowly and surely life is returning to normal and this time I've promised myself it will be just that: slow and sure. My current focus is on listening to my body and not the push, push, push that is alway in my head. I'm the turtle this time instead of the hare! I'm hoping this approach should have me back to normal without any frustrating setbacks.

Instead of bursting off to the gym this afternoon, I decided to ease into exercise again with a slow stroll through Target to see what new products have been added for Fall. (Can you believe it's officially Fall??? Me neither!) Though I've made a conscious effort to greatly reduce the amount I consume, it still brings me joy to wander and just look. I enjoy seeing the new displays and the thought and care that  goes into their designs so they have a better chance of tempting the shoppers.

These are closeups of some of what caught my eye today - all in the simple black and white I love so much:


 It would be fun to know how many of them you can find if you go strolling the aisles at Target like I did - let me know!

Anyway... a bit of wandering and looking and delighting in good design always does my heart good. Little things mean a lot!

: : Karen Anne