Welcome to my new home!


I'm so happy to welcome you to my redsigned website  - and the new home for my blog!  

Designing the new website took much, much longer than I had anticipated, but now that it's finished and up and running, I can say that all the frustration and angst was truly worth it.  I love having everything in one place; appeals to my sense of order. I imagine I'll continue to tweak things as I go along since the compulsion to compose/edit/repeat is such a strong part of my creative DNA, but the basics are all in place so I can move ahead full steam!

Just so you know - I'll leave my old Blogger site up as an archive since importing all the posts to this space just seemed especially cumbersome - and starting fresh  with a clean slate always feels really good, doesn't it? Like taking a deep breathe of sweet, clean mountain air... aaaaaaaaaah...

But I digress...

The blog will continue to be the place where I'll share my work and process, the work of other artists or designers that intrigues and inspires me, and ideas or concepts that capture my attention. My intention is to develop a schedule for posting that I can stick with. (!!!)  Maintaining a blog has been good for my studio practice. Stepping back, looking at whatever is going on in the studio with a critical eye and then writing about it  is so helpful to  my understanding  of the whys and hows of a piece. I'm hopeful that establishing the habit of posting each Tuesday afternoon will increasingly reward me that way.

I hope you'll join me here on Tuesdays and that you'll continue to share your thoughts. It's easy to isolate myself in the studio, so it's especially gratifying when I hear from you!


Thank you so much for following me to my new home and for your continued interest in my work. 

With gratitude and gentle thoughts,

: : Karen Anne