A vacation of sorts...


Life has thrown me some unexpected curves, so I'm going to take a bit of a vacation from writing and attend to them.

Last week my 96 year old very independent (and still driving safely!) dad decided that, in the new year, he would move into an independent living apartment complex near my sister, anticipating not moving 'til the fall because of a long waiting list. Well, yesterday we found out that a beautiful, perfect apartment was available! No one on the list wanted it because no one wanted to move in December. (Yes. This December. Like next week December.) It is is available the 4th, so after celebrating Thanksgiving in Norfolk with the whole family, I'll stay on for as long as needed to spearhead the move. 

It. Will. All. Work. Out. Right???? Right.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I look forward to being back online again - especially because it will mean I'm back home and able to work in my studio!

It really promises to be a great new year if all goes as I hope!

Until then, I send you love and all good wishes for holidays that are bright, and merry, and filled-to-brimming with LOVE and delight!

God Jul!  Digital drawing 2014

God Jul! Digital drawing 2014

: : Karen Anne