It is what it is...


I've been working on clearing clutter in the studio. That sounds really good, doesn't it? Go me!

Unfortunately, what usually happens is that I get inspired by the materials I'm trying to corral  and the clearing comes to a dead stop while I dive into giving form to a new idea... and new clutter is added rather than subtracted. (This could explain why math is a challenge to me, huh?)

This is what happened:

I designed a whole little forest of Christmas trees to sell at our local arts center. Made from scraps of bold IKEA fabric, pipe cleaners, and brass jingle bells, they are bright and contemporary and they make me happy. More stuff had to be brought out so I could figure out packaging that would add to their appeal:

My beads, plastic canvas and a part of a big clip didn't get put away. They wanted to play together and decided to become a neckpiece:

All my bits and bobs of fabrics beckoned me when I tried to put them where they belong. Before I knew it they had turned into another necklace - a mix of fabric, felt, and neoprene cord, it's a new favorite. It even has a bit of fuchsia sparkle to it. What's not to like?

I spent an inordinate amount of time punching circles out of leftover calendars (from the two years I made and sold them on Etsy) and adhering them to a styrofoam cone to make a little tree. It would be prohibitively expensive to sell even if I charged the minimal amount for my time and effort, so I think it will the only little tree of it's design. Oh well:

Then there was the bag of wood pieces, I nearly tripped over when it fell off a shelf. Meant to be used to tighten canvases, they begged to be put together into little houses. I even got to drag out my wood burning tool! I don't know yet if they'll become ornaments or part of a  a future installation, but I'm listening to see if they'll tell me what they want to be:

So there you have it.

All of these projects were the result of my efforts to clear clutter. I'm thinking I should just change my attitude and embrace the clutter for what it is: a never ending source of ideas and inspiration. 

As someone once said, "It is what it is."

So be it.

: : Karen Anne