Quiet reflection...


My heart is quiet today and peace-full.

This weekend I cleaned the studio - and the rest of the house - in anticipation of a visit from old friends. They had never been to our home and had requested a tour of the place before we headed out to lunch.

I needed that incentive to get me going and I must admit the place looks really lovely, but now I'm loathe to do anything for fear of messing it up again.

What is it about bringing order out of chaos that is so satisfying? I know that is what drives my creative work most of the time - that need to find the treasure 'neath the mess. My work is where I find a quiet peace - a retreat from the noise and busyness that surrounds us most of the time.

Today I'm enjoying the tranquility of a home and studio in order - amazed at unusual and how good it feels to have my external world so closely reflect my inner sanctuary.

Reflecting on that may help be keep the chaos at bay.

Fingers crossed...

Quiet Reflection. iPhone photograph .2015

Quiet Reflection. iPhone photograph .2015

: : Karen Anne