Serenity now....


Today's post will be delayed a week  - but only a week if all goes well. I had to make an unexpected trip to care for my father who turned 96 years old yesterday and continues to live on his own.

I'm extremely proud of my father's fierce independence - a trait common to those of us with the DNA of stubborn Norwegians - but UFFDA (Norwegian "oy") I'm about at my wits end today. My patience is being sorely tested. And then tested again. And again. I love him dearly but I keep feeling like I'm dealing with my kids when they were two years old and I was trying to keep them safe and they'd look up at me with that "you aren't the boss of me" look. Clearly I am not my Dad's boss. Clearly!

All I can hear in my head is George Costanza's father yelling "Serenity now! Serenity now!" - truly one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld. Remember that one?

My sweet Papa!

My sweet Papa!

Please check back next Tuesday when I will, hopefully, be back home and somewhat back to normal. We can only hope...Until then I ask you to keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't totally flip out!

See you next week.

: : Karen Anne