Sometimes you just feel like wrapping yourself up with your imagination and ideas and doing whatever you can to escape from reality for a bit. Sometimes you just want to hole up in the studio with a cup of hot tea.

But then, when you do, you find you just want to sit there and stare into space while bits and pieces of this and that float around you...surrounding you in a sweet cocoon of - hmmm - of what?

At times like this you realize it doesn't even matter whether or not you know. You know what I mean?

So you take a sip of the hot tea and follow it with a deep breath. 

You stretch.

You let your thoughts run where they will.


You decide that word describes precisely what/where you are at that moment. It isn't bad. Just very quiet. Like time is standing still. 

In the midst of the silence you feel the seed of something growing inside you.

Creative wonder slowly taking form.

You recognize this feeling like the touch of a loved one.

Before you know it, life will return to normal. It always has.  It always will. 

Until then you need: 

To be surrounded. 

To be suspended.

To be enveloped.

Enveloped. iPhone photograph 2014

Enveloped. iPhone photograph 2014

 : : Karen Anne