I'm grumpy today. No doubt about it. The source of my bad mood? Sheesh.

Craziness in so many ways.

What do I mean?

There are a mere 7390 entries to the Pottery Barn Kids and Teens collaboration. That's okay. As a matter of fact, that's great! It's good to have lots to choose from, right? And it's fun to see lots of other peoples' work. But Minted makes it well nigh impossible to navigate through them so you can make an informed vote. They have filters, but when you select "designer" all it does is put the submissions in alphabetical order by designer.

By their first names.


No. I'm not.

I haven't been able to figure out where in the 438+ pages the "K"'s begin. Or where the "A"s even end for God's sake...

I mean, I think a lot of folks have gotten smart like they did in the olden days with telephone books (remember those?) and the Aarons  - and the AAArons - of the Minted world will get their work seen far more than the Zandras and Zekes. (Maybe not though - I think its probably those of us in the middle that are pretty well, you know, um, yeah.) 

But anyway, somewhere mixed in with all of it is my work.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I realized someone actually found it! Well, at least one of the pieces. She even left a comment. She said said she liked my line work but asked if I had considered adding color to make it "more appealing" to Pottery Barn. 

Why, thanks. But if I had wanted to add color, guess what? I would have added color. But I didn't. Wanna know why??? Because it was intended to be a simple black and white drawing. Black. And. White.

Color. Schmolor.

Anyway, I think I've realized that I'm not a kind of artist. I get grumpy when I can't figure stuff out that should be pretty simple. And I think all this could and should be waaaay simpler than it is. And I'm not big into groups.  Especially big groups of competitive creative types.

But then again...

If somehow crowds of folks with great taste figure out how to see my work and like it enough to vote for it, or if the Pottery Barn selectors select mine, well...

Well, then I'll probably think is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I would sing its praises from the rooftops. Maybe.

But I seriously doubt any of that will happen.


 Detail of an indigo silk scarf I made years ago...but that I still love.

Detail of an indigo silk scarf I made years ago...but that I still love.

P.S. If you figure out how to get through all 7390 submissions will you clue me in on how you did it? Thanks.