Nothing ventured, nothing gained...


To make use of older work that is sitting around everywhere in the studio as well as on my computer, flash drives and CDs, I decided to submit a few designs for a challenge issued by Minted that they are conducting in collaboration with Pottery Kids and Pottery Barn Teens

 A pretty bad screen capture, but it gives the idea...

A pretty bad screen capture, but it gives the idea...

I did this in the hopes it would charge my batteries a bit and give me the boot in the derriere that it seems I've been needing. And, much to my surprise it managed to do both of those! Most of what I submitted was older work, but I actually managed to do two new drawings - the Morning Offering and Sweet Daisy pen and ink drawings above. How about that!

I'm not sure what happens next. On other challenges it's all voting, but what I liked about this collaborative challenge is that it looks like it's the folks at Pottery Barn that will actually select the 25 art prints that will be sold through their stores and/or catalog - and that it's not just through the votes from the community.

I think. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows???

Suffice it to say, though, having one of mine chosen would certainly be a nice little blip on the ol' resumé, 'eh? As well as pad the studio coffers which could use a nice infusion of moolah. And it would definitely cause a big celebration involving champagne and chocolate. Yippee!

I just checked on the site and it says voting will open tomorrow - February 19th - HERE.

I'd be really honored if you somehow found your way there (if you have a Minted account or don't mind getting one) and voted for my work.

Just an idea.

Fingers crossed.