The comfort of the moon...


The moon will be full tonight - the Hunter's Moon - the sixth and final super moon of the year.

I've always felt a close connection to a full moon. As a child it filled me with immense wonder. As a young woman my body was in synch with it - matching the moon's monthly moods and tides with an amazing regularity. 

And now, on days like today, when it is all too clear that the time is nigh to say goodbye to our sweet ol' pup Jake, I can feel in my bones just how many moons I have watched come and go. I feel myself clinging to the comfort of Mother Moon - her shining face, her eternal glow, the certainty of her steadfastness. With all of life's uncertainty, I can count on her being there tonight... and every night. Whether I can see her or not. 

And so it is with those I love who have passed, or will pass, from this life. They are all still here, whether I can see them or not. They are still shining, and eternal, and steadfast in offering comfort.

 Untitled. From the archives; a serigraph I did c. 1970

Untitled. From the archives; a serigraph I did c. 1970

: : Karen Anne